A glass bowl and cloth


A quick post from a project I did from a tutorial. I have never really focused on graphics of this type before. It was honestly a lot of fun.

When I was younger I use to draw pictures every day. The funny thing is over a span of several years around college I ended up not doing a lot of activities I use to enjoy. Gone were the days I looked at commander mark’s books and drew silly pictures of people and places.

I am looking into a new tutorial for making humanoid models, but I might stick with inorganic objects for a bit.

Enum length

I am trying to allow one script to change it’s random number generator based on how many values are stored inside the Enum. This will never change during run time but will allow me to remove any magic bullets from the code it’s self. Luckily, the Enum is based on int so a .Length command will work.

private int enumlength = System.Enum.GetNames(typeof(TileType)).Length;

The end result will be Random.Range(0, getEnumLength()). If the Enum has two values it will end up returning either a 0 or a 1 value. I can then check on which conditions that will fall under in the following code. This will be perfect.

Random acts of code

Generated map

A program that allows you to see a small ecosystem at work. The rabbits were designed to move around and eat the apples that would fall to the ground. The apples would over time spawn in a radius around the trees but not inside of a certain radius. Everything in this program was made by hand including the models. While their diet and my artistic skills are in question, the effect was worth it.

Lost and Found, NotifyIcon

I am currently making a program that will display in the task-bar on the bottom right of desktop. I had created a program like this in college but am trying to relearn the process using WPF. Now this is all fine and good til I realized there was no such feature inside the WPF. You could add references to the form versions of NotifyIcon, but I found like to be less then desirable with some odd side effects.

A simple project became more of an issue, but rather then changing it to a forms project I looked around for a third party library. Luckily I was able to find a few. While the application is not complete yet I at least wanted to post my findings. The resource is on Codeproject.

And then a step to the right.

I wanted to move the form to the bottom right. The code was fairly simple but I am unsure if it’s really good for a WPF project. So my research is not going to stop here. For the time being I am happy with the results.

The following gist shows the code needed to get the job done. I did have to add two references: System.drawing, System.Windows.Forms .

The code just changes the placement away from the top and left sides of the screen minus the size of the window in question. Luckily it is based on the size of the working area of the desktop so it can handle different resolutions. This will also be useful if I change the size of the window and need to reapply it.

Happy coding,