A glass bowl and cloth


A quick post from a project I did from a tutorial. I have never really focused on graphics of this type before. It was honestly a lot of fun.

When I was younger I use to draw pictures every day. The funny thing is over a span of several years around college I ended up not doing a lot of activities I use to enjoy. Gone were the days I looked at commander mark’s books and drew silly pictures of people and places.

I am looking into a new tutorial for making humanoid models, but I might stick with inorganic objects for a bit.

Enum length

I am trying to allow one script to change it’s random number generator based on how many values are stored inside the Enum. This will never change during run time but will allow me to remove any magic bullets from the code it’s self. Luckily, the Enum is based on int so a .Length command will work.

private int enumlength = System.Enum.GetNames(typeof(TileType)).Length;

The end result will be Random.Range(0, getEnumLength()). If the Enum has two values it will end up returning either a 0 or a 1 value. I can then check on which conditions that will fall under in the following code. This will be perfect.